Introducing GrowFlux

  • energy saving horticulutral lighting
  • industrial class wireless control
  • tunable, broad spectrum LED lighting
  • patent pending chip on board technology


The industry's first broad spectrum horticultural lighting product line which offers complete spectral programmability so you can optimize your crop yield, enhance quality, and save energy.

GrowFlux has developed high performance horticultural chip-on-board (COB) LED technology, which delivers unmatched control, power, and efficiency. Paired with high reliability GrowFlux wireless mesh controls, FluxBeam and FluxScale series fixtures will revolutionize your operations.

LED lighting offers significant cost savings and yield increases compared to high pressure sodium, fluorescent, and metal halide lighting. GrowFlux LED lighting saves 50% or more energy compared to conventional horticultural lighting technologies; further energy savings are possible through network control of GrowFlux products.

Customize the spectrum and schedule of your lighting to optimize crop yield and quality for specific plants. GrowFlux is the first to offer programmable broad spectrum horticultural lighting without early adopter pricing.

GrowFlux Lighting Series

Launching in 2016

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150W high efficiency linear LED fixture suitable for high intensity top lighting, vertical farming, interlighting, and wall wash lighting. Full tunable spectrum coverage from 430nm to 730nm. Powered by GrowFlux horticultural chip on board (COB) technology.



650W high efficiency linear LED fixture suitable for high intensity top lighting, greenhouses, and HID replacement. Full tunable spectrum coverage from 430nm to 730nm. Powered by GrowFlux horticultural chip on board (COB) technology.



Securely networks up to 100 fixtures to the Internet for easy control via the GrowFlux Cloud Platform.

Our Technology

GrowFlux products combine high power horticultural chip on board (COB) LED lighting with industrial class, standards based wireless mesh networking.

Our customers are using programmable spectrum lighting to foster desirable attributes in seedlings, optimize vegetative growth, and to prevent, manage or accelerate flowering.

  • High reliability, standards based GrowFlux wireless mesh technology designed for reliability
  • Self healing mesh ensures your devices are always connected
  • Control via the GrowFlux Cloud Platform is a breeze to coordinate any number of fixtures
  • Browse our library of ready-to-grow Light Formulas or customize your own with our cloud app
  • Sensor integration saves energy by coordinating GrowFlux lighting with natural sunlight
  • Programmable broad spectrum can mimic the sun, high pressure sodium, metal halide, or 4.3 billion other spectrum combinations with one fixture
  • GrowFlux horticultural chip on board (COB) LED technology combines monochromatic LEDs, phosphor converted LEDs, drive electronics, and a powerful ARM processor in a tightly integrated engine
  • Designed to replace conventional package on board technology while addressing PAR maintenance and spectral shifts over time - common with conventional LED grow lights
  • Precision beam shaping reflectors made of Alanod MIRO-SILVERĀ® material delivers high uniformity and deep penetration
  • Full spectrum tunable coverage with 730nm far red channel for phytochrome manipulation

About Us

Our mission is to revolutionize indoor agriculture at all scales

Based in Philadelphia, the GrowFlux team comprises solid state lighting engineers, horticulture experts, and developers who are passionate about indoor agriculture and growing food. Our team is currently hard at work developing next generation horticultural lighting products based on the latest technology.

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